Lantern Waste

ANB for Lantern Waste

Adrian Crowley - Vocals*, Electric Guitar & Ambience
Alex Beamont - Cello
Ben Eshmade - French Horn & Found Sound
Dan Mayfield - Violin
Dominic Murcott - Vibraphone, Marimba. Snare Drum, Tubular Bell, Glockenspiel & Tam Tam
Emily Barker - Vocals**
Gill Sandell - Accordian, Flute & Organ
Harry Escott - Cello & Piano
Jessica Moncrieff - Violin
Joe Palmer - Tuba
John Jermy - Trumpet
Jon Spanyol - Trombone
Kat Arney - Harp
Kate Dornan - Tuba
Michelle So - Cello
Neil Morris - Snare Drum, Bass Drum & Cymbals
Paddy Steer - Drums, Synths, Bass Guitar & Clavinet
Piney Gir - Vocals***
Quinta - Viola
Steph Patten - Cello
Stephen Coates - Vocals**** & Ukelele
Ted Barnes - Acoustic Guitar, Banjo & Kazoo
Tony Hawkins - Trumpet

Produced by Ben Eshmade, Harry Escott & Les Mommsen
Mixed by Les Mommsen
Arranged by Harry Escott (Hushabye Mountain / Unreasonable Dream)
Brass arrangement by John Jermy (Unreasonable Dream)
Engineer - Les Mommsen
Assistant Engineers - Ben Mclusky, Crawford Blair & Dominic Murcott
Mastered by Antony Ryan (RedRedPaw)
Recorded at 4AM Productions, Snap Studios, Trinity Laban Recording Studio & Union Chapel 2011 - 2013

* backing vocals -Hushabye Mountain
** vocals - Hushabye Mountain and Unreasonable Dream
***vocals - Moon River
****vocals - Blackbird Day

Puffin Voices

Andrew Saffrey / Ann Summerhayes / Belinda Feldman / Brian O Reilly / Caitlin Hogan / Caroline Smith / Caz Manley / Chai Hong Lim / Chilel Sanyang / Chris Stergides / Clara Breen / Diana Jarvis / Elisabeth Ewen / Emily Renny / Emma Kelly / Fran Elliott / Gemma Wilkie / Gloria Lin / Ian Joliet / James Kennedy / James ML Muller / Jennifer Jackson / Jo Blair / Joanna Greatwich / Julieta Kilgelmann / Lexy Rose / Marit Røkeberg / Minko May / Paul Harvey / Rachel Frost / Rafah Sabbah / Ray Hogan / Robert Price / Robert Wells / Robin Jackson / Samantha McDonough / Sarah Stoten / Tom de Grunwald / Victoria Hume / Yasmin Knowles-Weil


Lantern Waste

Picture a woman singing of her woes to the ducks in a pond; someone dreaming of Christmas on a hurtling steam train, serenading a mountain or watching the dust blast out of an organ playing one last tune. This is the universe of the Age of Not Believing. A dozens-strong orchestra made of dreams and wonder, the ANB is an expansive, fluid chamber ensemble whose spine-tingling music toys with our collective childhood memories, elegantly and eloquently immersing itself in the films, cartoons, books and legends which once fuelled our innocent imaginations.

Named after a magical location in C.S. Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles, and charting a course through the comfort blanket soundtracks of the Sherman Brothers via the literary fantasias of Maurice Sendak, Tove Jansson and L. Frank Baum and the literary shadowlands of Michael Ende, Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, Lantern Waste offers the first recorded glimpse of the mysterious, miraculous ANB, last spotted in 2011 on the stage of London’s Kings Place, headlining their appropriately named Fairy Tales & Monsters festival.

Lantern Waste proffers a quintet of exquisitely rendered, engrossingly arranged songs, seamlessly blending re-imagined children’s film favourites and standards with original compositions which inhabit the same mellifluous, dream-spangled territory, all of it punctuated with intriguing, evocative field recordings that stoke the heightened, otherworldly atmosphere. This is music captured in London, but apparently emanating from another, magical place, as if perceived through some Narnia-like portal. It’s the most beautiful, ingenuous, reading-by-torchlight-under-the-bedclothes record since Hal Willner’s 1988 Disney tribute, Stay Awake.

There is much, much more to come from the ANB, but, for now, Lantern Waste is a small feast worth lingering over, a little banquet of vivid mood-casting and eloquent songcraft that can’t help but reanimate the wide-eyed, open-eared inner child in all of us. And while this record spins, the lady is still feeding the ducks, Christmas is always just around the corner, a mountain is being forever lullabied and that last dusty organ tune will never stop…

Words – David Sheppard



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Images - Damian O'Hara
Photos - Diana Jarvis
Words - David Sheppard
Website - Oliver Cherer


C.S. Lewis - Magician’s Nephew
Hans Christian Andersen – The Snow Queen
Tove Jansson - Moominvalley in November
Michael Ende – Momo
Angela Carter – Wise Children
Neil Gaiman - Stardust